The "Überetsch area" is one of the scenically and culturally most impressive areas of South Tyrol. Between the majestic cliffs of Mendel massiv and the Dolomites, a unique and versatile cultural landscape unfolds.

The mild climate caused by the position in the southern part of the Alps makes a visit attractive all over the year. With a multi-week sea of flowers spring is greeting warmly. At the end of May the bathing season on Monigglel lake and lake of Kaltern already starts.  Midsummer evenings are refreshed by the southern wind "Ora". Autumn is pleasantly warm well into October, varied colors create a uniquely magical atmosphere. Sunshine and azure blue sky dominate in winter. No matter when you visit us, the plenty hours of sunshine will make your stay a memorable one.

Due to its excellent geographical position and its ideal climate the "Überetsch" area was inhabited from the Iron Age by Rhaetians, Romans, Goths and Bavarians. The multiple historical traces of the past can not be overlooked. One historical focus in the area are medieval castles, but above all a wealth of mansions from the Renaissance period. The historic architectural heritage is maintained in the "Überetsch" area with love and knowledge, and it is unique in South Tyrol.

St. Pauls is a jewel of th "Überetsch" area. Visible from a distance is the unusually stately steeple of "cathedral on the countryside", of which the St. Pauls nobles, citizens and farmers have always been proud of. The historic center is preserved substantially unchanged. The winding streets, stately homes, curious bay and loving paintings bear witness to this day of a creative force and drive that characterizes the human type here. All the more surprising that St. Paul was hardly discovered by tourism yet. The large number of traditional inns and trendy wine shops are frequented by the inhabitants of St. Pauls and guests alike.
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